UrbanTalk transforms traditional community engagement into a multimedia digital experience. We offer a range of multimedia packages specifically tailored to the needs of your development project. Choose from a variety of packages including a drone location video, community consultation videos, construction updates, webinars and podcasts. We work with you to create the perfect fit for your project.

UrbanTalk enables you to provide relevant and timely information about your development or urban planning project to local communities and key decision makers at their convenience anytime anywhere. While traditional consultation still has its place in projects, we now provide a digital service which has the potential to reach a larger and more diverse demographic. Our team offers you an all-inclusive experience; organising the shoot day, filming, editing, researching community concerns, facilitating webinars and ensuring a smooth process along the way.

When we lodge a development application or exhibit a local plan we take for granted that communities will understand our development concept. That they will go onto a Council website or travel up to the Council Chambers and take a look at development plans. We forget that what is on exhibition is often voluminous specialist reports full of planning jargon and complicated architectural plans.

It’s a big ask to expect local communities to be able to find the time to navigate these documents and an even bigger ask to expect them to be able to understand and conceptualise the developments they are proposing. UrbanTalk fills this information void providing communities with timely and relevant digital information about a development or urban planning project occurring in their local area.


  • UrbanTalk gives you certainty that anyone can access accurate information about your project anytime anywhere.
  • UrbanTalk gives audiences the flexibility to learn about your project at their convenience.
  • UrbanTalk extends the reach of your engagement program. Digital platforms are relatable to Millennials, and Gen Z who together account for 69% of podcast downloaders (Roy Morgan Research 2019).
  • UrbanTalk is time effective which means you can keep communities up to date about the progress of a project and address community concerns as they arise.
  • UrbanTalk is an affordable community engagement tool that can be used on its own or as part of a coordinated communication strategy.
  • UrbanTalk products are accompanied by written transcripts incorporate relevant plans and images as well as analytical data that enable you to track and repot on the level of local interest in your project.


This video was produced by UrbanTalk a division of Urban Concepts ABN 96 074 171 065 on behalf of Pathways Residences for community consultation purposes. The content of the video has been approved by Pathways Residences prior to its release. If you have any queries about the content of this video please email info@urbanconcepts.net.au


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